Friday, March 17, 2017

friday leftovers

we are back and still recovering from our adventure away. my giant caught a nasty cough, pipi has strep {on her butt and heck, i didn't even know that could be a thing}, juno has had diarrhea everyday, mira has been super needy and as for me, well i've got almost everything unpacked, put away and am  trying to catch up on all the stuff.

after taking pipi to the dr a couple of days ago we went into the pharmacy to pick up her meds. i was waiting in line and the girls took a seat in the little waiting area they have at walgreens. there were a few older people also there waiting and i heard one of the them ask imogen if one of the girls were sick.
imogen responded- "i have really huge, nasty sores on my bottom, so my mommy is getting medicine to help me not itch them and she also has cavities and has to get special tooth paste to help them."

mira jumps up and pipes in- "ya, and i have big tonsils."

the lady- "oh my, and what about her (pointing to juno)."

imogen-"juno i think just went diarrhea because i smell her."

after dinner last night imogen asked if we could have ice cream, i told her i don't have any and it's expensive to get some. she ran and brought me her wallet and said she has lots of dollars and wanted to buy everyone ice cream. so i let her.

i am so very thankful we have two bathrooms in our house. our shower decided to take a crap and not work anymore so rob and i are using the girls'.

we finally started school back up this week and the homegirls are back in a routine.
minus me and my coffee. something has happened in our house that we just can't make good coffee anymore. i don't know what it is, but it's driving me crazy. every cup i make is disgusting.

even thought my giant has a friends truck to work on and projects calling his name, i hope he can rest.
happy weekend.

a few of my favorite pics from montana:

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