Friday, June 30, 2017

why we do what we do

this week we had our cc practicum and while the homegirls were at kids camp all day, i was reminded of just why we homeschool and encouraged to continue. 
cc's statement is to know God and make him known and as the creator of cc {classical conversations} leigh bortins states "Jesus is the rock, the cornerstone. he is the only sure foundation for anything in all of life. he needs to be our cornerstone of living, of loving and of learning. we should anchor our children's education to his teachings" and "just think of the potential of a child raised to know his God-given talents and use them in a lifetime of service to Christ."

we are the ones who know our children best, what they need, how they learn, what stirs their heart. who is better to equip and educate my homegirls? their parents. i wouldn't want anyone else or expect anyone else to fill that role. just because you are good at school, doesn't mean you are educated. who can teach them about the world before the world hits them hard? i don't want to shelter my girlies, but just think of protecting them from daily bullying, self image, peer pressure and the scores of things kiddos endure. they will still have struggles, i know this, but how can we be different and live differently than the world says we should?

we are learning to be a family, how to be a sister, a daughter, a friend. we read, write and do math everyday. we sing, dance and cook. we play, run, swim and take nightly bike rides. we are able to stop and rest, pray, and enjoy what the Lord as given us. i feel our world has opened up to the possibilities before us. we are instilling in them a love for learning and a love for our creator. 

i never knew how much imogen and i's relationship could grow. it has be beautiful. it's not easy or comfortable, but it's a choice to choose joy and what more is in store if we continue to be faithful and homeschool?

ok, know you know my reasoning behind what drives our homeschooling.

"mommy, do you miss your parents? i would miss my parents if i lived that far away from them too. why did daddy not like his job in nebraska? and why did we come back to texas?" -mirabelle
{such big thoughts for this tiny girl.}

"i pray for mommy's eyeballs." -juno

"my daddy is weally weally special." -juno

we haven't been able to see much of our giant this week, well, the past few weeks to be exact. he's been so busy with one project for another after work or another project and another. his passion is using the gifts God has given to help others. what would our world look like if we all had this drive?

while i'm taking pics for a family baptism tonight, the homegirls get to have a sleepover at grammy's! our greasy monkey is fixing papa joel's car tonight and all day tomorrow, but uncle ryan is coming tomorrow and bringing another project :) and next week aunt jenny is coming!
happy weekend.

Friday, June 23, 2017


since we are taking a break from listening to our cc material in the car, i decided that we would listen to books on cd this summer since it takes us at least 20-30 min. to get anywhere in the city. we check them out from the library and the girls are loving it. imogen even begs to bring in the cd to the house so she can listen to more.

you guys, we went out for pizza a night this week and our waitress came over during our meal and pointed to a couple in the parking lot and told us they paid for our dinner. i'm still in shock with their generosity. i had just taken the girls swimming and we walked in with wet hair, hungry and tired so i can't imagine the sight of us 😳.

"i'm so stretchy and tired." -mira dew

"we go to bobbly mommy?"  -juno
   bobbly=hobby lobby

"i love you the same as Jesus." -juno

"i'm not happy with you juniper, you pooped in your panties." -me
"but i happy with you." -juno

i caught the girls playing {school} for the very first time last night. imogen was of course the teacher and they even practiced walking to another classroom in a line.

this week was vbs for my big girls and gosh, i thought it would be great for them, but of all the weeks, they wanted to sleep in every day and it was the worst trying to get them all up, ready and out the door in time.
but maybe it's just the hot stinkin weather that is making us all cranky.

last weekend we celebrated fathers day and a few family members birthdays with a bbq at rob's aunt barb's house.

i picked up these bad boys up from the resale shop and she has literally worn them every day and any time we're home. she still has a long ways to go.

and since mira love is really wanting to do soccer in the fall we found these at the resale shop too.

as i was unloading groceries from the van i turned around and caught juno carrying this trying to help me 😂💪

our greasy monkey wasn't scheduled to work and is so badly in need of a saturday off, but there's just too many friends who need their car worked on and our guy's heart is too big. and then sunday papa joel is in town to drop of his car to add it to the load.

happy weekend.

Friday, June 16, 2017


almost everyone i know cannot stop talking about how excited they are for summer. i mean, don't get me wrong, i love to swim and watch baseball with the best of them, but summer is not my favorite. 

these girls had the best year at LCS and we miss it already. 

i might have shed a tear or two saying goodbye to this teacher right here. we watched her help mira come out of her little shell and encourage her every step of the way and got to have her again this year with juno. she loves her kiddos deep and it shows. 
we're really going to miss her next year.

this was imogen's very first teacher and mira got to have her this year. she is so creative and kind and her classroom allows for so much exploration and learning. we are so very happy to have juno under her teaching next year :)

these teachers instill a foundation of who are Lord is and show His love every day. 
i'm already ready for school to start again. 

its leftover friday

I we are back into the swing of things (minus the piano lessons i completely forgot about this week) here in tx and it's so incredibly hot that our nightly walk/bike rides have come to a complete halt.

instead we have hit up the new splash park close to us, the neighborhood pool {that our friends let us borrow, because it's in their neighborhood. not ours} and of course the library.

on a whim last night, i decided to paint our vanity and cupboard in our master bath. we had the paint and it only took a few hours. mira kept saying that daddy was going to be so mad at me. 😂 but by the end she had changed her tune and said he was going to love it. and he did.

i think we are on the home stretch in potty training! hallelujah.
we had a terrible, terrible poopy incident that involved a big mess, a dog and a 3 year old when we were at nanaandpapas house, but i'll spare you the details.

"mommy, why do you like buns in your hair so much? i think God made your hair have buns." -mira

 every time we play the quite game, juno blurts out in her cutest voice "i love you mommy. i love you so much." and she gets me every single time. i lose because i forget we're playing and i'll say i love you back to her. she even gets her sisters and we say "i love you so much shitty (sissy)"

our greasy monkey is working, but tomorrow night aunt barb is having a big bbq celebrating all the recent birthdays in the fam. i'm thinking about what else i can paint, but i'll probably wait on our next thing until we hear what the plumber has to say about our bathroom situation.

happy weekend.
p.s. for father's day i had all bushes, flower beds and front trees trimmed along with the lawn mowed. a happy father's day to our giant, who serves more, works more and loves more that any other.

And here's a few more pics of our time in NE

My granny was in town the night I got back!

Friday, June 9, 2017


We made it to NE to pick up Imogen! These homegirls sure did miss each other ❤

Friday, June 2, 2017

leftover friday

i wrote a blog post last friday on my phone while i was in the waiting room of mira's surgery center, but it didn't save. of course.

her surgery went well though and she was so very brave, but had a rough time waking up from anesthesia and has had a rough week recovering. she's so fragile, i just feel so bad for her.

my mom is once again supernana and came down to help watch kiddos while i took mira to her surgery. she ended up taking imogen back with her for a week while mirabelle continues to recover and i potty train the new three year old. 😛

absolutely no plans were made this week so we can conquer this addiction to diapers.

i haven't seen much of our giant and the girls haven't at all because he is working so hard and so late to fix up a 15 passenger van for a missionary family who is spending the summer state side. he told me this van would be used for His kingdom and he was right.

the plus side of this week: i haven't had to water my lawn because of all the rain,  i've gotten in so many extra cuddles and have had to throw away only two pairs of juno's panties.

dinner with grammy to celebrate a belated 3rd birthday for juno birdie {her troll party didn't quite happen the way we wanted, but she's too young to really know that right?}, a working giant and hoping to catch some quality time with him.

happy weekend.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


this smile is not like any other. her love is so big, it makes my heart burst just thinking about it. joy radiates from her every bone and  how God knew it was exactly what this family needed.  3 year olds seem to be a very hard age in our house and she is reminding me this is so very true all over again. her opinions are high, independence strong, and traces of early morning cuddles and a toddler bed are now gone. oh how i have a love/hate relationship with the age of 3.  cries are loud, hugs are abundant and a celebration is in order. happy birthday to our juniper.

Friday, May 19, 2017

friday's leftovers

"my body just knows me and it's telling me i'll have a fever soon." -imogen

"i hurt my bones." -mirabelle

"i think i'm allergic to poop, but not my own poop." -imogen

"snap it shitty (sissy)" -juniper {that's her saying when she wants sissy to cut it out}

this past week as been up and down on the emotions. watching friends choose discrimination, seeing a friend walk another through the loss of her little boy.  and realizing now at 34 years old that some friends are only with you through a season. my heart is still broken by the loss of a friendship.

just when i'm in a cooking rut, my giant calls and says his work gave him baseball tickets.
dinner plans = ballpark food. and a beautiful night to hear the crack of the bat.

driving to piano lessons yesterday, mirabelle threw up all over the car. i do not think it's the stomach bug. i think its tonsil related. they are just so ginormous in her throat and she's been having trouble eating or hasn't been eating. woke up with a fever today and had to miss her award ceremony at preschool. laying off the gluten and dairy has not seemed to help. her surgery is next week.

this week imogen finished the end of her kindergarten curriculum and we celebrated by running through the sprinklers, baths and then a movie in mommy's bed while we waited for daddy to come home.

and this girl could have stayed out all day. i had to drag her in crying.

you guys, last weekend celebrating my giant could not have been better. {well, actually eating happy hour could have because they quit their happy hour deals an hour early} but the improv comedy club was amazing and i still can't believe the talent these guys had. rob even got picked out of the crowd to come down on stage to help with an act. they ended up doing a whole 15 min. piece on him that was the big finale of the show. it was so perfectly done and hilarious. 

although it is not my favorite to take them all with me to the store, but they sure love it and trader joes is always a must {when we're in that part of town}

and i can't forget about these littles and their patriotic preschool program.

robert our mechanicman is donating his time and service at the fix my ride event in denton and depending how mira is feeling, i would love to head on over to the movie in the park and grapevine fest. and then we got to get this house ready because nana is coming to visit!
happy weekend!
And some more pics from Bernice {my phone}