Friday, May 19, 2017

friday's leftovers

"my body just knows me and it's telling me i'll have a fever soon." -imogen

"i hurt my bones." -mirabelle

"i think i'm allergic to poop, but not my own poop." -imogen

"snap it shitty (sissy)" -juniper {that's her saying when she wants sissy to cut it out}

this past week as been up and down on the emotions. watching friends choose discrimination, seeing a friend walk another through the loss of her little boy.  and realizing now at 34 years old that some friends are only with you through a season. my heart is still broken by the loss of a friendship.

just when i'm in a cooking rut, my giant calls and says his work gave him baseball tickets.
dinner plans = ballpark food. and a beautiful night to hear the crack of the bat.

driving to piano lessons yesterday, mirabelle threw up all over the car. i do not think it's the stomach bug. i think its tonsil related. they are just so ginormous in her throat and she's been having trouble eating or hasn't been eating. woke up with a fever today and had to miss her award ceremony at preschool. laying off the gluten and dairy has not seemed to help. her surgery is next week.

this week imogen finished the end of her kindergarten curriculum and we celebrated by running through the sprinklers, baths and then a movie in mommy's bed while we waited for daddy to come home.

and this girl could have stayed out all day. i had to drag her in crying.

you guys, last weekend celebrating my giant could not have been better. {well, actually eating happy hour could have because they quit their happy hour deals an hour early} but the improv comedy club was amazing and i still can't believe the talent these guys had. rob even got picked out of the crowd to come down on stage to help with an act. they ended up doing a whole 15 min. piece on him that was the big finale of the show. it was so perfectly done and hilarious. 

although it is not my favorite to take them all with me to the store, but they sure love it and trader joes is always a must {when we're in that part of town}

and i can't forget about these littles and their patriotic preschool program.

robert our mechanicman is donating his time and service at the fix my ride event in denton and depending how mira is feeling, i would love to head on over to the movie in the park and grapevine fest. and then we got to get this house ready because nana is coming to visit!
happy weekend!
And some more pics from Bernice {my phone}

Monday, May 15, 2017


our greasy monkey gets a day off from his work for his birthday and because his birthday was on a saturday, he couldn't take it then (if you don't know, in the car business, saturdays are the busiest days) so he is taking it today.

i don't think he realizes, but we are still celebrating him. a little sleeping in, coffee and breakfast in bed. a trip to the dmv {don't ask} because he is still stuck there and we have a guy coming to look at our bathroom situation in 10 minutes.

grammy has offered to watch the homegirls tonight while i take my giant to our favorite happy hour spot {where you can get an amazing prime steak sandwich and hand cut fries for $8} and then tickets are waiting for us at the improv comedy club.

as i was finishing dishes last night, my girlies were outside riding bikes or so i thought. it was too quiet so i went out to check on them and found this; no bike riders, just jewelry makers. i birthed a bunch of girls 😜!
happy weekend!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

a birthday giant

you have passion, i have drive
you have loyalty, i have hope
you have the sunrise, i have the moonlight
you have banana pudding, i have wedding cake
you have ventures, i have spontaneity
you have aches, i have grey hair
you are grounded and i am emotion
you are my giant and i am your buns
you seek truth and i seek wisdom
you are loved and i call you mine.
"what would i do without you?"

happy birthday to this guy!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday's leftovers

"raise your hand if you like crazy stuff." -mirabelle

today, i thought, started out like a very normal day for us. imogen woke us all up by asking if we wanted to be in a {together club} where we all do things together. after i had showered and got everyone dressed, i had two in tears and received a text from my giant saying i needed to be at his dealership to get a state inspection on my car and then would have to go to the dmv for registration renewal. 😭
i wanted to cry too. ugh. the dmv {aka hell} my kiddos are always the worst at the dmv and going on a friday was a nightmare.
i am here to tell you i lived and i'm not even trying to be dramatic about it.

my giant got to attend his very first dance recital last weekend. he took his lunch break to come watch mirabelle and didn't realize it was going to be two hours long. she had to be dropped off early and refused to eat anything because she didn't want it to smear her lipstick {shhhh, don't tell her it was just tinted chapstick, i don't own any lipstick} poor girl had to be starving waiting to be one of the last dancers on stage. but they were so cute and she did such a good job.

juno has waited so very patiently for her special night with just mommy and daddy while grammy took the big girls for the night. she wasn't happy about missing time with grammy, but when i told her we were going to go build branch {from trolls} at build a bear she stopped her tears. we had a gift card there and got the very last branch they had. he was the store model and had to unstuff him so we could stuff him.
she hasn't let him out of her sight since.

me- "juno, what's your favorite food?"
juno- "blue."
me- "what your favorite restaurant?"
juno- "dinner."
me- "no, what's your favorite place to eat?"
juno- "i said dinner."

we had our end of the year field day for our CC community and i was so proud of imogen. she didn't give up, complain it was too hot outside or that she was too tired.
i think she needs more physical activity in her life.
I wish I would have taken more pictures.

i am completely taking mira off dairy and watching her gluten intake. i want to see if that helps her every so swollen tonsils go down.

the nights have been so perfect here and i'm trying to soak them of up with bike rides and even a baseball game before it gets so ugly hot out and never cools off.

our giant even took us out for ice cream one night. he let the girls get their cone dipped in chocolate. {word of warning though, ice cream seems to melt a lot faster when dipped in chocolate :)}

i feel so special that we've gotten to see our giant more. he hasn't had to work crazy hours every night and i'm so grateful for these nights with him because that is not our normal.

tomorrow is his birthday and he has to work. i have something up my sleeve for next weekend, but i can't share {because he might read this}. homegroup tonight, trying a new restaurant tomorrow and the start of our roof getting replaced on sunday.
happy weekend!

Friday, April 28, 2017

leftover friday

we've had a full, very busy week with our friends visiting.
we played lots outside
grilled and ate outside
played at the city park
ate good food at shake shack
met new friends
had lots of fun at great wolf lodge
we also did regular things like laundry and preschool and piano lessons
cooked a few meals
had an amazing date night out
dance parties
game nights
and great fellowship

we're so very grateful they took the time and means out of their life to step into ours and spend quality time with each other. it meant so much to have them here.

"i got the drops coming out of me." -mira (referring to washing her hands in the bathroom and not fulling drying them)

"every job has a school. i know everything about jobs." -imogen

"i need something really cold to eat. can i have ice with my macaroni? really, i need ice in my macaroni."-mira

"moms can never get lost. they find out everything." -mira

"you hold my bottom." -juno

"I think my neck is like daddy's."-imogen

mirabelle has her big dance recital tomorrow so we're off to do the dress rehearsal and she's so excited to have grammy come watch her during her show. we will also be catching up in our house with laundry, dishes and cleaning. it seems awfully quiet here without 7 kiddos. i asked each of my homegirls what was their favorite thing we did with our friends:
imogen- "making inventions with haven (their oldest son)"
mira- "having snow cones with all the kids."
juno-"fighting with she (they also had a two year old girl and they were inseparable all week, minus the one time they fought 😂)

happy weekend!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

leftover {thursday}

imogen's cc {classical conversations} one day a week community/school finished their last day last week and our final field trip was to the dallas symphony orchestra. we have been studying orchestra these past six weeks and a perfect ending to the unit.

one of our favorite parts was the huge organ and beautiful sounds that came out of it. the lowest note made the whole room shake. growing up, my grandpa played the organ and it reminded me of when we would go to his farm house and bang on it. i loved the sounds it would make.

this concert was geared toward kiddos and they played a little bit from a few different famous composers. when tchaikovshy's nutcracker was played, they had dancers come out and i think that was the girls favorite part.  

after the symphony we walked over to klyde warren park and had a picnic and played. the girls love this city park and so do i (when it's not really crowded)

best quotes this week:
"i keep finding hair balls in my mouth" -imogen

"my packpack has too much crap in it." -juno 😳😳😳

"you can give me a shower now. my stink stinks." -mira

and just when i've been craving friendship...

our very dear friends from nebraska are on their way to visit us. basically, they are the reason my giant and i reconnected and are married (well, them and of course God). our kiddos haven't really ever gotten to spend good quality time together, so a small house + a week together will give them lots of time to play and become bffs. 

i'm going to bombard you with pictures {i should have done a whole separate Easter post, but you know i don't think of those things until now}

this is my favorite Easter pic. i asked who was excited to celebrate our risen Lord and this is how she answered me. love her huge heart.

we have a full weekend and next week with our friends. which includes baseball, homeschool days at great wolf lodge, a night out, a new church, the splash park, maybe a hike, maybe the city, good food and good fellowship.

happy weekend.