Friday, January 19, 2018


a new family joined our cc community. they have three girls the exact ages as our homegirls. we are all pretty excited.

i was putting imogen's hair up in a ponytail for her hip hop class last night and i noticed it was shorter than normal. hmmm...
i asked her if she cut it and she said no. i took it out and starting combing it. after a third time of asking her, she finally admitted to cutting it and hiding the evidence.
i grabbed a handful of skittles, stuffed them in my pocket and i ate them on the way to hip hop.
consequences will have to happen after.

mailing a package at the post office, i hear my phone buzz with a text. i start looking for it and couldn't find it anywhere. i finally realize i need to take the tape off and open the box and there it was stuffed on the side. 😱 if my giant had not text, my phone would be on its way overseas.
why am i always a mess?

homegirl quotes:
"i'm bigger than pipi and shitty (sissy). i'm almost a big kid now. but i'm not really that big of kid. "-juno

"why is there a big mess on your floor again."-me
"well, i was slithering around last night because i got cold."-mira

"mommy, you know that sound that happens at night? daddy's ding dong? well, how come i don't hear it right now and why does daddy's ding dong always wake me up?"-mira
{she is of course talking about rob's alarm clock}

"you're bouncing off the walls."-daddy
"i'm not even on the walls."-imogen

"mommy, how come you can always hear us?"-mira
"if you were in timbuktu i could still hear you."-me
"what about if we're in the garden? i bet you couldn't hear us."-mira
"mira, we don't even have a garden."-me
lots of outdoor recess play time

 they even some some ice!
 juno's reaction to the ice :)
 mud soup

a week ago we went for journal time at our local coffee shop and then played and walked around downtown

family bike ride last weekend in the beautiful weather

we've been reading about MLK jr. and my heart jumped as i read this "after only an hour, martin knew that they were going to get married one day. and he was right."
my giant and i were engaged on MLK day 12 years ago and this was also exactly how we felt about each other.

our greasy monkey has two friends' vans that he needs to work on plus a car for a missionary family, so he will be busy this weekend, i will be um...trying not to loose my mind, i mean school and play with the homegirls. we just started reading {the secret garden} aloud and they are really into it and have already asked to continue to finish that. and hoping to fix the flat tires on our bikes so we can get out some energy and ride.
happy weekend.

Friday, January 12, 2018

leftover friday

mira was on a roll with some great quotes this week:

"do you know why my tummy is hurting? because i sleep too long last night." -mira

"can you help me blow bubbles in weal life?" -juno

"do you obey mommy the first time? consequences will happen and juno doesn't agree to it." -mira

imogen singing  -  "come, i will make you fishers of men, fishers of men, fishers of men."
mirabelle singing -"come, i will make you misters again, misters again, misters again."

"how old is asparagus?" -mira
"i just bought it today." -me
"no, really how old is asparagus? because it looks like an old guy." -mira

"juno, i can't play with you right now cause i'm doing a bootiful picture for you." -mira

i have cooked every night this week, but we haven't seen our giant any night this week. he has had a crazy, long and busy schedule.
guacamole chicken wraps are on the menu tonight. and hoping for a few cuddles from our giant.

he stopped and helped two different people who were stuck in the middle of the road and in need of assistance and couldn't afford assistance. God gave him the gift to fix cars and he uses it to help others. and he doesn't take the glory, because he knows all the glory is God's.
oh how i admire him.
others are so quick to judge him {with his long hair, long beard, excess car parts, too many wheels and tires and project after project} and his heart is looked at too little, because if they really knew him, they would know he has the biggest heart of all and i wish they could see that first.
one of the guys even asked if he could come to our church.

we drove back from nanaandpapas house on sunday and was asked if it was hard to start school back up on monday.
people, that is the beauty of homeschooling. we can ease back into everything. i had time for dishes, laundry, putting away Christmas decorations, paying bills and everything in between.
we even got to spend lots of time outside playing because the weather was so nice when we got back.

our greasy monkey is working, we just got a new puzzle (from the 75% off section at the teacher store) a babysitter is coming over and we're going on a date with uncle jeff and aunt tiffany.

happy weekend.

and here are a few pics from our new years and time in nebraska

Friday, January 5, 2018

{project 365}

a year ago, i put together a little video of the pictures i took from my camera.
{if you would like to see that project click here
realizing i had very few, i decided my new project would be trying to take a good picture with my camera for 365 days.

i worked really hard on this project and although i didn't get 365, i did my best.
here is the link for 2017.
it was a good year.

we will be heading home from nanaandpapas house soon.
happy weekend.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

happy new year!

walking outside, juno stops and sniffs "i smell freeze out here."

"i want a weally weal bubbie for my birfday. i can pet him and walk him around." -juno
{bubbie=pengiun if you don't know}

"did you put that pizza away already? ok, ok you did. well, tomorrow can i have breakfast and then pizza?" -mira

"juno can you please stop jumping on my bed?"-me
"i not jumping, i dancing."-juno

my giant got "hit on" in the bathroom of a restaurant the other day 😳. the guy asked if he wanted to drink some tequila with him. ummm. weirdo.
i guess there's a first time for everything.

i mean, have you seen my giant lately?! he is the most handsome and takes a lot of slack from *family members* but he doesn't dress, or give off the appearance that he is looking...for a guy.

the girlies absolutely loved helping take care of our neighbor's dog last weekend.
we really hope they ask us to do it again for them.

well Juno almost died. 
we were at the post office and there was a long line so the lady behind the counter asked if she could give the girls a lifesaver. i was busy filling out my package and look down and see she isn’t breathing i drop everything and start beating on her back. her eyes start rolling in the back of her head and a little Hispanic lady runs over and starts beating on her and shaking her, juno finally pukes up everything all over me, herself and the ground. i thanked the lady for helping me over and over. it was scary.
there will be no more lifesavers given 
also, i think the lady was an angel.

we are headed to nanaandpapas house and we packed for cold 💙

i wanted to clean my house, the floors, the bathrooms and everything in between so when we get back i won't go into a panic and think it all has to be done.
but i didn't so now i need to prepare everyone for panics when we return.

a few pics from Christmas eve.

our Christmas didn't quite turn out as planned. poor grammy ended up in the er and was in need of oxygen and breathing treatments. she came down with her second case of bronchitis this year along with an asthma attack. soooo that left just me to do the cooking for us and uncle jeff and aunt tiffany. but i like to cook and it turned out well. we just grilled up steaks we had on hand and i made green bean casserole from scratch, ruth's chris sweet potatoes, mac n cheese and then whipped up some gluten free sugar cookies for the homegirls.

nebraska feels and hoping to see some snow this weekend.

happy new years!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas

from our family to yours,
glory to the newborn king

and have yourself a Merry little Christmas

and a few holiday quotes for you:
“Mommy, come on, let’s go toot in your bed!”-Juno

“Pretend I’m laying on the floor and you guys come over and say this must be a Christmas Eve thing.” - Mira

“Come on everybody. Let’s put puzzles together. But you have to give me all of yours so I can put them together first.”-imy 

mira love

we celebrated this new 5 year old a week ago. but she got sick at grammy's house while celebrating so we opened presents and she barely took a bite of her super girl cookie :(. 

don't let her sweet spirit fool you though, she is also full of spunk, a little bit of crazy and a fierceness that won't let you forget who she is or that she is second. her heart is big and will show you with an "equation or rectangle people." but most of all, her joy is sharing in things with others. happy birthday mirabelle, we love you so ver much!

Friday, December 22, 2017

leftover friday

juno came down with a fever, cough and snoots a week ago and then passed it along to mira (on her birthday) and then to imogen

we got to enjoy our cousin claire and uncle ryan for a few days last weekend while they were in town.

there was lots of play inside while they were all sickies :)

our roofers finally made it over to our house to replace it. i'm thankful it is done and it looks great.
{our roof was totaled after a big hail storm in the spring}
we woke up to lots of pounding and 
juno said "why daddy not at work today and why he on the roof."

we got to meet daddy for lunch one day since work has been slow for him during the holiday season. we saw the grinch walking around and had to wish him a merry christmas!

we've been planning this for months to celebrate mira's 5th birthday and everyone was finally feeling better to head to six flags! 
she wanted a super girl party so we all dressed has the justice league in her honor.
mira = supergirl
imogen = wonder woman
juno = the flash
me = batman
rob = aqua man 
(for the record he was going to be batman and then i was like, no, you look too much like aqua man 😂😂😂)

i grew up with my family having a tradition of serving chili on Christmas eve, but in light of recents events and finding out a friend has passed away due to a medical emergency in africa,  i'm serving chili and cinnamon rolls tonight, while listening to folk angel. 
she would've like that.

we are headed to the double feature of charlie brown Christmas and the grinch at the historic theater in downtown grapevine today, robbie has to work tomorrow, riding the "polar express" and driving around to look at Christmas lights, rest and Christmas eve service are all on the list.

happy weekend!

Friday, December 15, 2017

leftover friday

homegirl quotes:
"shitty (sissy) got out of bed free (3) times to tell secrets."-juno
"who was she telling secrets too?" -me
"me, i hear her tell me."-juno

"i've got blood on my finger and now need a kleenex for my bloody nose."-mira
"this just can't be happening."-juno

mosquitoes eat blood and uh oh, i have blood in my nose."-mira

"ya, my sweater has a zipper on it, so when i'm bigger i can still wear it."-imy
"and so she can be fancy."-mira

"you look like nanna, mommy."-juno
"you look like daddy, juno."-me
"i love my daddy."-juno

i'm telling you every stinking time i go to the gym, my kids get sick. juno put herself to bed last night during dinner. she said, "i no can't eat anymore. i'm too tired. i get jammies on and go to bed."
she didn't look well, so i let her go to bed. she woke up in the middle of the night with a fever, cough, and running nose.
but she's still smiling :)

every year our fire department sends santa around on a fire truck flashing their lights and sirens throwing out candy to all who come out to wave hello.
we were in the middle of reading our daily advent story and while holding juno i felt some "extra" business in her panties. i looked and sent her to change and then we all heard the sirens. i told the girls to hurry and come out to see santa. well, you guessed it, juno didn't want to miss out so she came out  naked. 😳😱😂
{if only i had captured it}

last weekend i had the chance to take pictures for the women's care clinic as they helped provide a Christmas to mommas who choose life. if you would like to check out the video click here.
here's a few of my fave

i was in the mood for a little road trip, a yummy cupcake and something Christmassy. so to magnolia market we went in waco,tx.

and seriously, this is all i want 

a date with my giant!

uncle ryan and claire are in town, we're celebrating mira turning 5 with a super girl party, church and something extra fun planned:)

happy weekend.