Thursday, April 20, 2017

leftover {thursday}

imogen's cc {classical conversations} one day a week community/school finished their last day last week and our final field trip was to the dallas symphony orchestra. we have been studying orchestra these past six weeks and a perfect ending to the unit.

one of our favorite parts was the huge organ and beautiful sounds that came out of it. the lowest note made the whole room shake. growing up, my grandpa played the organ and it reminded me of when we would go to his farm house and bang on it. i loved the sounds it would make.

this concert was geared toward kiddos and they played a little bit from a few different famous composers. when tchaikovshy's nutcracker was played, they had dancers come out and i think that was the girls favorite part.  

after the symphony we walked over to klyde warren park and had a picnic and played. the girls love this city park and so do i (when it's not really crowded)

best quotes this week:
"i keep finding hair balls in my mouth" -imogen

"my packpack has too much crap in it." -juno 😳😳😳

"you can give me a shower now. my stink stinks." -mira

and just when i've been craving friendship...

our very dear friends from nebraska are on their way to visit us. basically, they are the reason my giant and i reconnected and are married (well, them and of course God). our kiddos haven't really ever gotten to spend good quality time together, so a small house + a week together will give them lots of time to play and become bffs. 

i'm going to bombard you with pictures {i should have done a whole separate Easter post, but you know i don't think of those things until now}

this is my favorite Easter pic. i asked who was excited to celebrate our risen Lord and this is how she answered me. love her huge heart.

we have a full weekend and next week with our friends. which includes baseball, homeschool days at great wolf lodge, a night out, a new church, the splash park, maybe a hike, maybe the city, good food and good fellowship.

happy weekend.

Friday, April 14, 2017

adventure is out there

every day in an adventure with these guys. 
{but if only we could go on an adventure each week :)}

this big girl was most excited to fly her kite on our adventure and it was the perfect weather for it.

juno and her love of rocks, every time we turned she had some in her hands and would try to take them even if they were part of a wall. 

"super hero's don't have moms." -imogen
"super hero's do too have moms. how do you think they do anything?" -mirabelle

"i love everything in the world. the color world." -mirabelle

"today is one day, is tomorrow sunday yet?" -mirabelle

for the past two years the parents in mira's preschool class continually to call her maribel. my girls will probably always have to correct people on how to say their names. every time i have to give a restaurant a name (when you are waiting to eat), i give them one of my girls names and almost every time they do not ever call it out. they come and get us.

this week we had the chance to walk the Easter path and experience holy week, the death and resurrection of our Lord. each activity made everything more real and understandable for the girls. we got to write what we praise Jesus for on palm branches, wash each others feet, write our sin on glow in the dark paper, felt what it was like to carry a cross and walk on gravel, nail our sin to the cross, light a candle and pray over the debt he paid for us at the tomb, making flowers and celebrating our risen King and then finding our place on the map and talking about the great commission.

we also go to go to a passion play at the girls preschool church, where they got to see the story played out. they girls were so captured and juno was constantly in wonder at where Jesus was and what was happening to Him. she now has said "i want to see Jesus." throughout the remainder of this week.
i do to baby girl.

our church is finally having a good friday service this year and we will be going tonight. and i'm trying to talk my giant into the sunrise service on the mound in flower mound.

happy easter!

Friday, April 7, 2017

it's friday

and we're going on an adventure this weekend.

but first, some quotes from mirabelle:
"i wanna go where i can go see the stars, always."

"i'm going to wear my glubs {gloves} today because fingers always look better with fancy glubs on."

"i think mommy loves meatballs. she ate three today."

this girl still takes a nap about once a week now and has "rest time" the other days.

and this one was just too cute not to snap a picture of napping in our bed.

i'm still working on pictures of my brother in laws wedding, but if you want to get a feel for how the day was watch this #bigskylittlewedding

if each homegirl got to pick the radio station they want to listen to:
imogen-any christian music radio
mirabelle-the independent music radio station
juniper- anything by the lumineers

now off to pack our cooler...

happy weekend.

Friday, March 31, 2017


mira came up with a new word. snorreezing {it's of course when you snore and sneeze}

"i have to rest, my legs are just too tired to think right now." -mira

"i can go ahead and get into trouble right now. you can take all my stuffed friends." -mira

"i need my "bubbles" (goggles) on me." -juno

"you've always wanted to be a mom, so this is your job to just do everything." -imogen
please help me with this one ;)

today i woke up and decided to take the girls to a new coffee shop i've been wanting to check out. we did some reading and review work, drank good coffee and shared a cinnamon roll.
doesn't it look like "where the dwarfs drink coffee?!?"

we are taking the girls to six flags this weekend. they filled up their {team stanton} and usually they get to choose what they want to do, but i don't think they will oppose to six flags. don't tell them, but its free for them to go only this sunday, so we kinda have to make it work :)

a trip to the local homeschool store was made. they sell new curriculum and books as well as used and i check out the used before buying new. anyway, imogen completed her kindergarten math and is so proud of herself. we are taking a small break to focus on money for a bit before moving on to first grade math.

i told her when she finishes all her kindergarten we will have cake and ice cream to celebrate. i love excuses to have cake and ice cream.

juno caught the strep imogen had {on her butt}, only its under juno's arm pit.
ugh, impetigo stinks.

our greasy monkey's work is trying to talk him into working tomorrow,
we get to celebrate a sweet cousin tomorrow.
happy weekend.

Friday, March 24, 2017

friday fun day

juniper- "i want to marry daddy."
mira- "you can't marry daddy. you can only marry him when you're older."

during the wind storm this week, a huge branch fell and busted our old van's windshield. it almost went all the way through. we really need our trees trimmed.
add it to our list of home ownership needs:
replace carpet  {b/c of water damage}
fix master shower {b/c of plumbing issue}
redo master bath {b/c of mold}

homeschool is going so well {right at this moment} that imogen just wants to carry on into first grade. we function so much better when we have a routine and we know what is expected of us. i am down with carrying on school throughout the summer. you have to realize we can cram a whole day's worth of school into a couple of hours and we don't school every day. don't you worry, these homegirls will get plenty of breaks.

to be very honest my giant and i have a very strong relationship with each other, but for over a week we have been in a funk. do you ever get in those with your spouse? i am so ready to be out of our dang funk, where neither of us can do anything right. how i wish we could stop everything in our life and run away for a couple of nights to regroup, catch up, rest and pour into each other.

me- "come on mirabelle, what are you doing?"
mira- "oh, i'm just scissoring."

we played all day today so schooling tomorrow while our greasy monkey works long hours and hoping to do some outside lawn work.

happy weekend.

p.s. the coffee situation has been fixed. i am able to make good coffee again.

Friday, March 17, 2017

friday leftovers

we are back and still recovering from our adventure away. my giant caught a nasty cough, pipi has strep {on her butt and heck, i didn't even know that could be a thing}, juno has had diarrhea everyday, mira has been super needy and as for me, well i've got almost everything unpacked, put away and am  trying to catch up on all the stuff.

after taking pipi to the dr a couple of days ago we went into the pharmacy to pick up her meds. i was waiting in line and the girls took a seat in the little waiting area they have at walgreens. there were a few older people also there waiting and i heard one of the them ask imogen if one of the girls were sick.
imogen responded- "i have really huge, nasty sores on my bottom, so my mommy is getting medicine to help me not itch them and she also has cavities and has to get special tooth paste to help them."

mira jumps up and pipes in- "ya, and i have big tonsils."

the lady- "oh my, and what about her (pointing to juno)."

imogen-"juno i think just went diarrhea because i smell her."

after dinner last night imogen asked if we could have ice cream, i told her i don't have any and it's expensive to get some. she ran and brought me her wallet and said she has lots of dollars and wanted to buy everyone ice cream. so i let her.

i am so very thankful we have two bathrooms in our house. our shower decided to take a crap and not work anymore so rob and i are using the girls'.

we finally started school back up this week and the homegirls are back in a routine.
minus me and my coffee. something has happened in our house that we just can't make good coffee anymore. i don't know what it is, but it's driving me crazy. every cup i make is disgusting.

even thought my giant has a friends truck to work on and projects calling his name, i hope he can rest.
happy weekend.

a few of my favorite pics from montana:

Friday, March 10, 2017

happy birthday nana

today we got to celebrate this beautiful woman. 

it's been a long road to get to here, to nanaandpapa's house. but we are so thankful for the time spent together and the rest before heading back to the lone star state.

teeth cleanings, sandwiches & soup for lunch, coffee, good naps, coloring, steak dinner and
 two desserts. 
it's been a great day.

and if you want to view just a taste of our trip click on

happy weekend

Friday, February 24, 2017

leftover friday

tomorrow before dawn we are headed to montana to celebrate a brother's wedding and to spend time with family. we're not sure how far we'll get as we are all squished into a small truck we are taking up there to sell and pulling a trailer filled with a giant tool box for a friend, but we'll be together and on vacation time.

in the midst of packing we stopped and did this...
today our cc homeschool group went skating. it was all the girls first time. imogen stuck with it and got more confidence and better by the end, but the two littles lasted 5 minutes and were in tears. {i asked for my money back for them}

we also had to make two pitstops to the dmv today as well {all for the trailer we will be pulling}. the second time was much longer and deserved ice cream.
"imogen, are there really all folths (sloths) at the dmv?"-mira {referring to the movie zootopia}

i entered our {love story} into the favorite ice cream shop on valentines day to win lots of free ice cream. this would be the second time we would win if so.

"good morning everyone, did you sleep wake good?"-mira

did i tell you we found out our sweet mirabelle suffers from sleep apnea and tonsillitis and will be having them removed in may?

and this girl... discovering a new love of scissors. 

well, i've got music to upload, snacks to pack and a truck to fill.
happy weekend