Friday, May 25, 2018

friday leftovers

you guys, my very first group of texas first graders are graduating this year and i got to go see some of them! rob asked me how much did i cry and i said none, i was just so happy for them.

this is last weekend celebrating my niece claire at her graduation. we loved getting to spend time with family, even if it was just a quick trip.

just missing robbie :(

after hanging with rob's family we headed on over to my parents house {they live about 2 hours from rob's brother}

taking papa on his walk 
{look how good he is doing! he walks about four blocks twice a day every day}

bike rides to the park every day. we're also trying to get nana to wear a helmet. she's being dangerous.

and of course playing with our good friends

mira- "does nana have a baby chair?
me- "what?"
juno- "mommy, a chhh aaaiii rrr." "like you shitting {sitting} on a chair."

nana- "mira, i just love that swimsuit. it's so cute."
mira- "what did you say? don't cute me like that."

my brother's are headed to nanaandpapashouse, but shhhh don't tell them the a/c is broken 😳😰
plus it's a happy birthday to my juno birdie, who is celebrating with a batman party.

happy weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

leftovers on a thursday

imogen- "i just don't understand what you're saying."
mira- "ya, i never understand what i'm saying."

juno- "i just sinks "think" i'm allergic to drinking water. probably."

mira- "mommy, i think you're addicted to salads."

me-"juno, are feeling better?"
juno- "no, i have a froat in me."

imogen- "mommy, why do we have to put cream on my foot?"
juno- "cream? i don't like cream. i only like coconut."

this girl had her hip hop recital last weekend and had so much fun.
afterwards she asked why almost everyone was getting flowers and i said well, isn't ice cream better than flowers?!?

we got to celebrate grammy this mother's day.
and give her her new to her car{that my giant has worked so hard on}:) 
she was so surprised and excited.

uncle jeffy even took us to an awesome place for mother's day

and the girls got to bowl for the first time!

despite the a/c being broken, 
they loved every minute.

cc field day was this week and this year mira got to participate. 
her and her bestie penny

keeping the littles entertained :)

after field day fun at the splash pad next door.

today was the little's last day ever of lcs. we sure are going to miss it. we have loved lcs and it really is the best preschool.

these women have poured into my babies, loved on and showed God's goodness to them.
it breaks my heart that juno will not get to have mrs. botelho like her sisters did, but she is going to flourish at home and cc with us.

mrs. hamilton had all three of my homegirls. it's the end of something big and i can't write anymore or i'm just going to bawl.

a new place in our little downtown opened and we finally made it there.

we came for the $4.99 two slices and a salad and left with ginormous cones. 
 shhhh. don't tell daddy the girls said. i had no idea they were going to be this huge :)

i realized i forgot to post pics of our first baseball game of the season. 
look at those long sleeves! {i miss them already}
i hope we get to go to another game soon. {thanks park place lexus}

“Jesus said it wouldn’t be what we said we believed or all the good we hoped to do someday. Nope, He said we would identify ourselves simply by how we loved people. It’s tempting to think there is more to it, but there’s not. 
Love isn’t something we fall into; it’s someone we become.”
#EverybodyAlways -bob goff

i am reminded all over again, how much more the kingdom is than things or stuff or ourselves.
love people. we love because He first loved us.

tomorrow i get to have breakfast with the first class i even taught here in tx. they are graduating and i can't wait to see them! how in the world did i get this old??

we're off on another road trip tomorrow to help our niece claire's celebrate her graduation and then on to nana and papa's to help out as he is still recovering.

happy weekend.

Friday, May 11, 2018

leftover friday

imogen drew this picture and came to me and said some day when she has her own house, she is going to have a backyard like this. it made me tear up, the saddest thing is that {with her kid like mind} she actually thinks she's going to want to play when she is grown. she doesn't know anything different. we only have a few more years of her imagination and play and then kiddos loose it. i still remember being in the 4th grade wrestling with wanting to play and not. 
i pray for many, many more play days with this girl and oh, how i wish i could give her a backyard like this one.

this girl went a "little" off roading on our bike ride and she ended up with a flat tire and had to walk her bike back the rest of the way. two tears were shed and thats it. she took a deep breath and said "i'm ok mommy, i can do this."

our last preschool performance. bittersweet. 
all three homegirls will be joining the homeschool full time next year. no preschool.

imagen's hiphop recital is tomorrow and she's been practicing a lot and introducing the moves to her sissy belle.

splash pad season!
and all the hotness of summer starting 😲😩

dance recital, dinners and celebrating grammy.

happy weekend.