Friday, November 17, 2017

leftover friday

sometimes, i just want to go places and take pictures. not worry about children to care for, or a timeframe or poses. i feel that almost every picture i take now, is in hurried fashion.

have you ever sat down at a restaurant and picked out a person/family and felt lead to buy their meal for them? i encourage you to do so sometime. my giant and i have a heart for a single momma, a pregnant teen, a young family or a couple who seems to be in need of some extra love.
pay for your own meal and then ask your server if you can pay for theirs. i promise, it's ok and we all need a little blessing in our lives.

my giant helped me hang a few things on our walls last weekend. hmmm...after over four years of living in this house.

its been just over two years since my closet friend walked away. it still very much hurts and as much as my giant says she doesn't deserve my tears anymore, i still find them stinging my eyes and choosing forgiveness everyday. you see, it's just these kinds of circumstances that draw us closer to God. when things get hard, i don't want to run, i want to stand firm, be faithful and fight my way through the ugly. because happiness doesn't bring change or mature us, it's the sad times that reveal our need for Him and His love for us.

"my heart hurts momma, for something real good." -mira
{mine does too baby}-me

"i just want to stay in your bed for one whole year." -juno

"sniff, sniff sniff, sniff, i smell daddy here." -juno

if you're a husker fan, it's a sad, sad season.

we have been battling coughs and low grade fevers and if feels like i will never get to the gym or playground again.

it's crazy the kind of comments i get when people find out we homeschool or that we aren't involved in every activity or really watch what we feed our children or the thought of living minimal. it's so hard for them to wrap their mind around something different. i feel like my whole adult life i have been doing something different or at least trying. don't get me wrong, i live very much of the world. but this tug on my heart to serve when others stand by, to help when others could, to stop when others pass, to give when others don't even think. it's the holy spirit, not me.
and then again wasn't Jesus doing something different?

and while we're on topic, if you don't see the fruits of living different or being different than are you really living for the Lord? i mean since this whole life is to bring Him glory, then what are you doing about it? -{i'm speaking to myself here too people}.

my greasy monkey is putting an engine in on a van to help foster families, i feel a tad of sickness trying to creep it's way into my body, but i'm very much looking forward to the stroll in our downtown tomorrow night and a possible surprise for imogen's soon to be birthday.

happy weekend.

Friday, November 10, 2017

leftover friday

have you been missing some homegirl quotes?!

"can i have you forever?" -juno

"my eye is broken, let me check, yep my eye is broken." -juno

"really daddy? you're gonna hurt my neck." -mira

"juno burped in my face and on my food." -imogen
"what? i had lots of burps." -juno

"did these mountains grow?" -mira

mira was sent home with a letter this week from preschool stating that she failed the hearing test. i took her to the doctor where she failed two more tests. we were referred to the audiologist where they gave her a more extensive test. she barely passed.
we are not sure what is going on.

we have been battling when to fit school in this week. between doctor visits and sickness and picture taking we've had to do school on the fly and during nap time.

one morning i found imogen reading to the littles and discussing how thanksgiving came to be. they were all sitting in our school room so sweetly. i got to make coffee and breakfast without distraction.
i wish every day began like that.
most days, we wake up to someone in tears.

my giant and i had a whim to sell our house and move into another this week.
of course we didn't, but we were serious {for a few days}.

i got to take some birth pics of a friend's daughters' baby. despite tough circumstances, this single momma chose life for her baby. the best choice she will ever make for her. if you want to view the video i put together for them, click here.

i had to hold back my own tears, as witnessing the miracle of birth and knowing i can't have anymore of my own, but wanting to.
oh, and of course running into my midwife this day didn't help either. it made my emotions raw.

our greasy monkey is working this weekend and i'm planning some outdoor time. a hike, riding bikes, and enjoying the coolness of the air.

happy weekend.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

#desertjournal cont. {again}

we made it to la jolla, ca and had to get right out to the beach. the sunlight was the perfect amount of gorgeous. we're so thankful aunt jenn and uncle cory let us bombard their vacation so we could stay with them a few days before we started our trek home. 

grammy came along for a visit too!

 the bridge was closed the day we went to see the seals, but we still got to see a few.

one thing we had to do while we were in san diego was hit the zoo!
the homegirls got to see each of their favorite animals. 🐼🐒🐧

our last day there was spent enjoying the beach, riding waves and soaking up the views.

and if you're ever in the area, you HAVE to stop here to eat. it's pretty much amazing.
the taco stand

Friday, November 3, 2017

fall happenings.

we finally made it to the pumpkin patch this year. {after three years of promising the girlies i would take them and then ending up not feeling well enough to do it.}

nana bought them cute festive outfits and we just had to wear them.

some of our cc friends met us here for a field trip too :)

don't let this girl fool you, although she looks all happy and big smiles, she ended her time as a giant mess. the pumpkin patch is full of pumpkins and she wanted to take home every pumpkin she saw and cried for an hour when we came home with none.

the girls still love to dress up as a family for halloween and this year they wanted to be the characters of the {new} pete's dragon.

i love our quiet, calm halloween tradition of trick or treating to just a few neighbors houses and then going out for mexican. even though, no one knew who we were this year, i'm thankful for the joy the girls get out of dressing up, catching up with close neighbors and time as a family.

we are already planning on who we are going to be next year :)

#desertjournal cont.

day 4: we woke up early and headed to the grand canyon. my giant and i packed our own coffee and coconut milk {including our frother} so we wouldn't have to buy any along our journey, but this day we decided to stop and enjoy some local coffee flavor. 

you see, we originally wanted to camp our way through this trip, but i knew it would be too hard on my giant just coming off of surgery. so that plan was dropped.

as we were walking up to the grand canyon juno turned to me and said "can we just go home now." 😳

pausing for some words by imogen {who is standing right beside me and wants to add some things}
"mirabelle, juniper and i are having a lot of fun at our big giant trip. it is very long. i think that's all."

mira kept putting her hands up in all the pictures, like she was on some type of roller coaster.

traveling our way down route 66 we stopped at an iconic diner. the burgers, fries and shakes were super yummy. the atmosphere was very eclectic and kept the homegirls busy while we waited for our food.

and now onto

and the 

the girls didn't seem too impressed. well, just coming from the grand canyon, they weren't really sure what to think about this.

that was a ton in one day. we made it to vegas, but i didn't really get any pictures because we were all so exhausted. 

day 5: we slept in, ate a big breakfast and then headed to california. 

first stop, hole in the wall mexican food.

my aunt and uncle's house, bakersfield, california 

we got to enjoy their beautiful home and a wonderful dinner with them. the girls even got to meet and play with a new cousin!

day 6: we took a tour of my uncle's potato plant. tasteful selections. if you haven't checked them out in the grocery store, please do. we love his potatoes and eat them all the time. it was an awesome field trip.

it was great to see my cousin nathan too, who gave us the tour.

now, onto l.a. and hollywood.

i've never seen a cross walk quite like this, coming from all directions.

we ate at roscoe's house of chicken n waffles. 
which was good, but honestly, we thought it was going to be much better.

down the pacific coast highway

not stopping until we reached la jolla.

i'll be back to share more later...

but for now, i need to get ready to take some birth photos.

the greasy monkey is pulling an engine, helping a friend and then helping the uber driver. it's going to be busy and i might add going to a fall festival {i'm a sucker for festivals} and a last trip to gnome cones before they close for the season. 

happy weekend.