Friday, September 22, 2017

leftover friday

who doesn't want to start the blog off with some old homegirl quotes?!?

"my stomach is so old and something really really cold is the only thing that will help it." -mira

"i need you forever and forever momma. did you hear that?" -juno

"i played in a kitchen once. a real kitchen. well, it was a pretend kitchen but it had real buttons." -mira

"that food you made me isn't making me hungry and i'm hungry." -mira

"that is so funny. i could just watch that all day long." -mira

pipi girl started hip hop and really enjoys it. you guys, we found an arts studio that is only $10 a month per class. that's crazy cheap and of course everything filled up so quickly, but we are very thankful to have gotten in on the hip hop class.

you know those days where you just let satan destroy all your joy? well, i'm having one of those days.

i think juniper has officially given up naps. she hasn't fallen asleep during nap time in about a month. she is however, still required to have rest time in her room {where she can read and play with her stuffed friends} along with all the homegirls.

we had our best day of cc (our homeschool community) on thursday. teaching went so well, imogen is making friends and playing with the other kiddos and everyone participated!

while the littles have been in preschool, imogen and i have had some very deep conversations.
how was God just always there?
why do parents argue sometimes?
why is it important to resolve arguments?
what is in the book of revelation and what does end times mean?
why Jesus loves us no matter who we are or what we've done?
why we cannot have any more babies?
she keeps me on my toes...

i have two girly girls who love princesses and pink and anything that makes them feel more grown up, but then there's juno. and she loves superheroes.

well, we didn't make it to nebraska to drop off a van and pull another last weekend. so tomorrow we are conquering it. of course, all right before my giant has to have surgery on monday.
happy weekend.

trampoline park -recess a day this week

our very favorite snow cone place - gnome cones {and they're half price on monday's!}

my best and only napper :)

she got ahold of my phone!

she loves the flash. when she first discovered him, she called him fire!

and juno's progression in getting ready for school

Friday, September 15, 2017


we were finally able to replace our carpet! and let me tell you it's so worth it. i can't get over how good it looks. why did it take us so long to do this?!  goodbye nasty 30 year old carpet.

me-"juniper, how did you help a friend at school today?"
juno- "i have no friends."

mira- "no juno, you can't have a desk yet. you're too old."

mira- "i'm not wearing my dress backwards, i'm wearing it turned around."
juno- "i love it shitty (sissy)."

because of the strict diet my giant is on to prevent a gall bladder attack he has lost 15 pounds. i eat this way no matter and no, my body can't even loose a single pound.

i decided to change up our morning time and how we start homeschool. i needed something that would hold my littles attention and be rich and meaningful in what we are doing. if you care, here's what we do:
go over, day of the week, month and year
daily devotional
discuss what is going on in the world and in our lives
sing a hymn (i will introduce a new hymn once they have the current one down)
monthly scripture memory verses
read a story, piece of literature or poem
art appreciation (they listen to a piece of classical music and either paint, draw, color, build legos or put a puzzle together)
and then our regular school day begins...

i wish fall would hurry itself up and get here already. i'm so tired of pitting out every shirt every day.

juno is so obsessed with superheroes. it's all she wants to watch, color and wear. she has one batman t-shirt and instead of putting it into the dirty clothes pile, she hides it and brings it back out the next day and says it clean so she can wear it again 😳. she is refusing to wear anything else.
but then again she is 3 and like i said, 3 year olds in my house are crazzzzzy!

oh you know, we're just driving up to nebraska for the day, delivering a van and then bringing back another van as another project for our greasy monkey. what are your plans?
happy weekend.

And field trip Friday: at the zoo

Friday, September 8, 2017

friday be like

ah dancin'

{because of all the catastrophes happing in the world, i don't feel much for writing.
i am just so grateful for this life because i know i deserve much less.}

happy weekend.

Friday, September 1, 2017


"i saw you imogen, but i didn't see you." -mira

"can i wear this all the days and even in sleep?" -juno

"mommy, i just love your armpits." -juno

our first official homeschool week is coming to a close and i already had to pick up second grade reading and math for imogen to have on hand. she is whizzing through everything.

my biggest challenge: the littles and keeping them occupied

if i didn't tell you already my house is in total disarray. we are finally getting new carpet (after our house flooded in jan) and i have all of the closets cleaned and put into random places, not to mention all of the "stuff" that is on or in our furniture so it makes moving it very easy.
and on top of all the mess, i decided to repaint our master bedroom. i mean i loved our dark charcoal color, but it was time for a change.

my next painting project: our closet doors {if my giant gets on board}
but not until my pinched nerve goes away.

when imogen was a newborn and wouldn't sleep, i bet rob $2000 (that we didn't have) that he couldn't get her to fall asleep in his arms. man, did we try, but her colic and fear of missing out won every time.
if only i knew the formula of cc + recess + presentations + turkey and grapes for lunch would do the trick...

i finally watched the documentary vaxxed. please, please take the time to watch it if you haven't.  i found it on amazon. it's not a film on anti vaccinations. it's a film letting you know what really happened and the huge cover up that followed.
all i know is do your own research, be informed, make wise decisions not just what the masses do or what they tell you to do.

oh how the girls would love to be invited over to a friends to play. my homegirls ask why, but i keep telling them, we will just continue to have friends over here and maybe they will reciprocate the invitation one day. i really think everyone just gets caught up in their own lives and don't think about it. much like family not acknowledging other's huge life events. what?! did i just say that?
but i am in continued prayer for playmates, for true friends to do recess with, to do cooking projects with, to do life with.

bike rides, swimming, reading, cleaning, purging and trying to figure out what to feed my giant.
+ cheering on the huskers.
happy weekend.

Friday, August 25, 2017

friday friday

yesterday we started our first day of classical conversations {CC} and the beginning of our homeschooling adventure this year.

she woke up ready for first grade!

gosh, i can never get mira to look at me.

and juno, starting the year with 2 black eyes 😵.
she has a bad habit of running in front of people while they are swinging and the other eye is a nasty bug bite. 

i hate even typing this, but as much as i didn't want summer to start, i am not wanting it to end. i have loved our laid back days. don't hear me wrong, i'm all ready for cooler weather {more than ready}, but not quite ready for our routine of "full" school (we did a little school almost everyday this summer) to come back.

raise your hand if we should get rid of the littles bed they share and get this?

our giant is having surgery next week, after 5 years of dealing with this dang gall bladder. and because his work doesn't have "light duty" he will have to go on disability while he recovers.
he's feeling deprived living off of ONLY leafy greens, some fruit, some meat, avocados and water.

the homegirls filled up another {team stanton} so their vote was to see leap! at the theater today. 

scraping some popcorn ceilings and car projects are on the menu.
happy weekend.

Friday, August 18, 2017


quotes by the homegirls:

"i wanna share my own ice cream." - mira

"my heart says just come on i'm hungry." -mira

"i sinks my hurt finger needs a popsicle." -juno

i am racing the clock trying to get everything done before we start school back up. lesson planning, cooking, health records, organizing, preparing all the homeschool stuff.

my poor giant has suffered from gall bladder attacks almost every night this week on top of bursitis in his shoulder. and after 5 years of trying to convince him he needs his gall bladder out or live only on the recommended diet of beets, cucumbers, celery and other healthy greens he is finally willing to have surgery.
stubborn man 😉
just praying he hasn't torn anything in his shoulder.

i've been asked to teach imogen's class this year for our homeschool coop cc and after prayer and consideration, i'm taking the leap. i will be teaching the youngest kiddos on campus, the 4-6 year olds. finger puppets, maracas and a word swatter are just a few of the items that will be used in my class.

is anyone else just as excited about chipotle having queso now? it's not in tx yet, but i can't wait.

a surprise last rough riders baseball game this week {all thanks to rob's work!}

our greasy monkey is working,  making dinner and loving on a family with a sweet new baby girl, swimming and cleaning our yard from the wrath of storms and a critter who is loving on all our pine cones and making the biggest mess {it looks like he is taking the cones through a wood chipper}.

happy weekend.

our closet is a pretty small closet, i mean all our closets are on the small side so this thing has been living with us since we moved in. every year i have tried to tackle it and rearrange clothes, donate and organize them and yesterday, i finally did it. this guy will be moving out.

i found this gem in imy's notebook

it's rare for these girls to come into our bed these days, but during a big lightning strike they came running and fell back asleep.

Friday, August 11, 2017

leftover friday

after my parents couldn't stand the thought of us being at their house and not seeing us, we got a flight for rob to get back to work and i'm here in ne a little bit longer.

coming back from the airport we walked into the house and it was eerily quiet and we couldn't find my parents dog anywhere. i called their neighbor to come over and help and she immediately grabbed the girls took them to her house and helped me roll up the solar cover of the pool. we found lily under the cover. it was a total shock.
their other dog was found under the cover not even three months ago.
they have had their pool for 30 years and not any other accidents.

i told myself i didn't want to prepare for school until august and now it's the middle of august and i have a ton to do when i get back.

dance parties happen everywhere, even on the front and back porch of nanaandpapas house.

juno -"tucker is my favorite color."
me - "you mean tucker is your favorite cousin?"
juno - "no, he is my favorite color."

i can't even tell you what it means to have a giant who is willing to help anyone at anytime. i admire him so.

you guys, God gave us a van. we didn't know how we were going to get back to tx after totaling our car, but after driving around the few car lots this town has and thinking we would have to borrow something. i said isn't that a sienna? and there was an older sienna sitting in the back lot with the wrecked cars at the shop rob worked for 3 months at {just waiting for us}. they originally told us it was not for sale, but called us back and gave us the sweetest deal. it doesn't need hardly any work and it's super clean. God does things like that you know.
bluebelly is her name.

my aunt and uncle are visiting my parents this weekend so we'll have double the fun. swimming, walks, bike rides, park time, dancing, lots of yummy food and soaking up the last bits of cooler weather before we return to the heat.

happy weekend.