Friday, May 25, 2018

friday leftovers

you guys, my very first group of texas first graders are graduating this year and i got to go see some of them! rob asked me how much did i cry and i said none, i was just so happy for them.

this is last weekend celebrating my niece claire at her graduation. we loved getting to spend time with family, even if it was just a quick trip.

just missing robbie :(

after hanging with rob's family we headed on over to my parents house {they live about 2 hours from rob's brother}

taking papa on his walk 
{look how good he is doing! he walks about four blocks twice a day every day}

bike rides to the park every day. we're also trying to get nana to wear a helmet. she's being dangerous.

and of course playing with our good friends

mira- "does nana have a baby chair?
me- "what?"
juno- "mommy, a chhh aaaiii rrr." "like you shitting {sitting} on a chair."

nana- "mira, i just love that swimsuit. it's so cute."
mira- "what did you say? don't cute me like that."

my brother's are headed to nanaandpapashouse, but shhhh don't tell them the a/c is broken 😳😰
plus it's a happy birthday to my juno birdie, who is celebrating with a batman party.

happy weekend!

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