Friday, May 19, 2017

friday's leftovers

"my body just knows me and it's telling me i'll have a fever soon." -imogen

"i hurt my bones." -mirabelle

"i think i'm allergic to poop, but not my own poop." -imogen

"snap it shitty (sissy)" -juniper {that's her saying when she wants sissy to cut it out}

this past week as been up and down on the emotions. watching friends choose discrimination, seeing a friend walk another through the loss of her little boy.  and realizing now at 34 years old that some friends are only with you through a season. my heart is still broken by the loss of a friendship.

just when i'm in a cooking rut, my giant calls and says his work gave him baseball tickets.
dinner plans = ballpark food. and a beautiful night to hear the crack of the bat.

driving to piano lessons yesterday, mirabelle threw up all over the car. i do not think it's the stomach bug. i think its tonsil related. they are just so ginormous in her throat and she's been having trouble eating or hasn't been eating. woke up with a fever today and had to miss her award ceremony at preschool. laying off the gluten and dairy has not seemed to help. her surgery is next week.

this week imogen finished the end of her kindergarten curriculum and we celebrated by running through the sprinklers, baths and then a movie in mommy's bed while we waited for daddy to come home.

and this girl could have stayed out all day. i had to drag her in crying.

you guys, last weekend celebrating my giant could not have been better. {well, actually eating happy hour could have because they quit their happy hour deals an hour early} but the improv comedy club was amazing and i still can't believe the talent these guys had. rob even got picked out of the crowd to come down on stage to help with an act. they ended up doing a whole 15 min. piece on him that was the big finale of the show. it was so perfectly done and hilarious. 

although it is not my favorite to take them all with me to the store, but they sure love it and trader joes is always a must {when we're in that part of town}

and i can't forget about these littles and their patriotic preschool program.

robert our mechanicman is donating his time and service at the fix my ride event in denton and depending how mira is feeling, i would love to head on over to the movie in the park and grapevine fest. and then we got to get this house ready because nana is coming to visit!
happy weekend!
And some more pics from Bernice {my phone}

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