Monday, May 15, 2017


our greasy monkey gets a day off from his work for his birthday and because his birthday was on a saturday, he couldn't take it then (if you don't know, in the car business, saturdays are the busiest days) so he is taking it today.

i don't think he realizes, but we are still celebrating him. a little sleeping in, coffee and breakfast in bed. a trip to the dmv {don't ask} because he is still stuck there and we have a guy coming to look at our bathroom situation in 10 minutes.

grammy has offered to watch the homegirls tonight while i take my giant to our favorite happy hour spot {where you can get an amazing prime steak sandwich and hand cut fries for $8} and then tickets are waiting for us at the improv comedy club.

as i was finishing dishes last night, my girlies were outside riding bikes or so i thought. it was too quiet so i went out to check on them and found this; no bike riders, just jewelry makers. i birthed a bunch of girls 😜!
happy weekend!

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