Friday, June 23, 2017


since we are taking a break from listening to our cc material in the car, i decided that we would listen to books on cd this summer since it takes us at least 20-30 min. to get anywhere in the city. we check them out from the library and the girls are loving it. imogen even begs to bring in the cd to the house so she can listen to more.

you guys, we went out for pizza a night this week and our waitress came over during our meal and pointed to a couple in the parking lot and told us they paid for our dinner. i'm still in shock with their generosity. i had just taken the girls swimming and we walked in with wet hair, hungry and tired so i can't imagine the sight of us 😳.

"i'm so stretchy and tired." -mira dew

"we go to bobbly mommy?"  -juno
   bobbly=hobby lobby

"i love you the same as Jesus." -juno

"i'm not happy with you juniper, you pooped in your panties." -me
"but i happy with you." -juno

i caught the girls playing {school} for the very first time last night. imogen was of course the teacher and they even practiced walking to another classroom in a line.

this week was vbs for my big girls and gosh, i thought it would be great for them, but of all the weeks, they wanted to sleep in every day and it was the worst trying to get them all up, ready and out the door in time.
but maybe it's just the hot stinkin weather that is making us all cranky.

last weekend we celebrated fathers day and a few family members birthdays with a bbq at rob's aunt barb's house.

i picked up these bad boys up from the resale shop and she has literally worn them every day and any time we're home. she still has a long ways to go.

and since mira love is really wanting to do soccer in the fall we found these at the resale shop too.

as i was unloading groceries from the van i turned around and caught juno carrying this trying to help me 😂💪

our greasy monkey wasn't scheduled to work and is so badly in need of a saturday off, but there's just too many friends who need their car worked on and our guy's heart is too big. and then sunday papa joel is in town to drop of his car to add it to the load.

happy weekend.

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