Friday, June 30, 2017

why we do what we do

this week we had our cc practicum and while the homegirls were at kids camp all day, i was reminded of just why we homeschool and encouraged to continue. 
cc's statement is to know God and make Him known and as the creator of cc {classical conversations} leigh bortins states "Jesus is the rock, the cornerstone. he is the only sure foundation for anything in all of life. he needs to be our cornerstone of living, of loving and of learning. we should anchor our children's education to his teachings" and "just think of the potential of a child raised to know his God-given talents and use them in a lifetime of service to Christ."

we are the ones who know our children best, what they need, how they learn, what stirs their heart. who is better to equip and educate my homegirls? their parents. i wouldn't want anyone else or expect anyone else to fill that role. just because you are good at school, doesn't mean you are educated. who can teach them about the world before the world hits them hard? i don't want to shelter my girlies, but just think of protecting them from daily bullying, self image, peer pressure and the scores of things kiddos endure. they will still have struggles, i know this, but how can we be different and live differently than the world says we should?

we are learning to be a family, how to be a sister, a daughter, a friend. we read, write and do math everyday. we sing, dance and cook. we play, run, swim and take nightly bike rides. we are able to stop and rest, pray, and enjoy what the Lord has given us. i feel our world has opened up to the possibilities before us. we are instilling in them a love for learning and a love for our creator. 

i never knew how much imogen and i's relationship could grow. it has been beautiful. it's not easy or comfortable, but it's a choice to choose joy and what more is in store if we continue to be faithful and homeschool?

ok, know you know my reasoning behind what drives our homeschooling.

"mommy, do you miss your parents? i would miss my parents if i lived that far away from them too. why did daddy not like his job in nebraska? and why did we come back to texas?" -mirabelle
{such big thoughts for this tiny girl.}

"i pray for mommy's eyeballs." -juno

"my daddy is weally weally special." -juno

we haven't been able to see much of our giant this week, well, the past few weeks to be exact. he's been so busy with one project for another after work or another project and another. his passion is using the gifts God has given to help others. what would our world look like if we all had this drive?

while i'm taking pics for a family baptism tonight, the homegirls get to have a sleepover at grammy's! our greasy monkey is fixing papa joel's car tonight and all day tomorrow, but uncle ryan is coming tomorrow and bringing another project :) and next week aunt jenny is coming!
happy weekend.

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