Friday, August 11, 2017

leftover friday

after my parents couldn't stand the thought of us being at their house and not seeing us, we got a flight for rob to get back to work and i'm here in ne a little bit longer.

coming back from the airport we walked into the house and it was eerily quiet and we couldn't find my parents dog anywhere. i called their neighbor to come over and help and she immediately grabbed the girls took them to her house and helped me roll up the solar cover of the pool. we found lily under the cover. it was a total shock.
their other dog was found under the cover not even three months ago.
they have had their pool for 30 years and not any other accidents.

i told myself i didn't want to prepare for school until august and now it's the middle of august and i have a ton to do when i get back.

dance parties happen everywhere, even on the front and back porch of nanaandpapas house.

juno -"tucker is my favorite color."
me - "you mean tucker is your favorite cousin?"
juno - "no, he is my favorite color."

i can't even tell you what it means to have a giant who is willing to help anyone at anytime. i admire him so.

you guys, God gave us a van. we didn't know how we were going to get back to tx after totaling our car, but after driving around the few car lots this town has and thinking we would have to borrow something. i said isn't that a sienna? and there was an older sienna sitting in the back lot with the wrecked cars at the shop rob worked for 3 months at {just waiting for us}. they originally told us it was not for sale, but called us back and gave us the sweetest deal. it doesn't need hardly any work and it's super clean. God does things like that you know.
bluebelly is her name.

my aunt and uncle are visiting my parents this weekend so we'll have double the fun. swimming, walks, bike rides, park time, dancing, lots of yummy food and soaking up the last bits of cooler weather before we return to the heat.

happy weekend.

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