Friday, September 22, 2017

leftover friday

who doesn't want to start the blog off with some old homegirl quotes?!?

"my stomach is so old and something really really cold is the only thing that will help it." -mira

"i need you forever and forever momma. did you hear that?" -juno

"i played in a kitchen once. a real kitchen. well, it was a pretend kitchen but it had real buttons." -mira

"that food you made me isn't making me hungry and i'm hungry." -mira

"that is so funny. i could just watch that all day long." -mira

pipi girl started hip hop and really enjoys it. you guys, we found an arts studio that is only $10 a month per class. that's crazy cheap and of course everything filled up so quickly, but we are very thankful to have gotten in on the hip hop class.

you know those days where you just let satan destroy all your joy? well, i'm having one of those days.

i think juniper has officially given up naps. she hasn't fallen asleep during nap time in about a month. she is however, still required to have rest time in her room {where she can read and play with her stuffed friends} along with all the homegirls.

we had our best day of cc (our homeschool community) on thursday. teaching went so well, imogen is making friends and playing with the other kiddos and everyone participated!

while the littles have been in preschool, imogen and i have had some very deep conversations.
how was God just always there?
why do parents argue sometimes?
why is it important to resolve arguments?
what is in the book of revelation and what does end times mean?
why Jesus loves us no matter who we are or what we've done?
why we cannot have any more babies?
she keeps me on my toes...

i have two girly girls who love princesses and pink and anything that makes them feel more grown up, but then there's juno. and she loves superheroes.

well, we didn't make it to nebraska to drop off a van and pull another last weekend. so tomorrow we are conquering it. of course, all right before my giant has to have surgery on monday.
happy weekend.

trampoline park -recess a day this week

our very favorite snow cone place - gnome cones {and they're half price on monday's!}

my best and only napper :)

she got ahold of my phone!

she loves the flash. when she first discovered him, she called him fire!

and juno's progression in getting ready for school

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